For therapists/coaches

For therapist (physiotherapist, speech pathologist, logopedist, psychologists) it is possible doing special 3-day courses. These courses are organized by CRAFTA ( and are called “ Face expression and laterality, Assessment and Rehabilitation”.

It is also possible to organize an in-service 2-day crash course with a small group (4-8) Persons. If you are interested send a mail to

Further, you are free to order the software to support your clients.
a. Myfacetraining
This Program is special for storing all data of your clients and has a lot of different possibilities.
1. Laterality Tests: standard and creating one of your own.
2. Emotion tests: standard and creating one of your own.
3. Isolated muscle training.
4. Emotion training with a lot of variabilities. 
5. Mirroring and its variabilities.
6. Storing of Photos during training.
7. Rehabilitation: laterality, emotion and combinations, mirroring

For more detailed description see the guideline (download here) or look at the next video clips:

Create a new client:

Laterality test:

Emotion test:

Combination Emotion and  laterality:

Words and video:

Muscles and emotions:

Mirror therapy:

Sending the results to somebody else:

There is also a short tract version Link

The costs for the software on your computer

For one PC or Mac is life time 120 Euro
For two or more PC or MACs -life time Please contact us for the amount of Discount
For 1 year PC and mac 64 Euro
For 90 Days PC and Mac
34 Euro