What is myfacetraining?

Facial expression is an essential part of our everyday life and of every social interaction. People show- consciously and unconsciously- their emotions due to facial expression and thats further on the way people recognize their counterparts feelings.

But this recognition of the so called “basic emotions” can be disturbed for several reasons: when the own mimic art is impaired because of e.g. a facial asymmetry (e.g. because of a trauma or surgery), cosmetic surgery (e.g. botox treatment) or consisting pain, the perception of others emotions is also affected. Besides this often comes along with a lack of the detection of left/right (lateralization).

Myfacetraining is a program, with the aid of which facial functions can be trained and recovered, so lateralization, emotion recognition and therefore the long-term social interaction can be enhanced. It strives to reduce the physical as well as the mental stress, which facilitates the longterm social interaction. So myfacetraining is a holistic program which seeks an improvement on many levels.

During the program an experienced therapist is supporting you. At first he/she examines you online, then he/she creates a individual training program for you. The therapist also is your contact person if you have any questions as well as for the feedback discussion, which take place in the program and make sure, that the program fits you perfectly throughout the entire term.

You can train, supported by a specialist, whenever and wherever you want- without any time pressure!